Abraham Lincoln

Topic 1: Write about your role model or a person you aspire to be like and explain how you
think Webster University and studying Psychology could help you follow in his or her

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the 16 th president of the United States and is currently one of the
most admired leaders of all time. He was the president in office at the time of the American Civil
War. It is as a result of his skills as a leader that the American people remained together, and
hence the nation did not fall into pieces. This great leader managed to end slavery within the
United States through his unending efforts and eventually signed the Emancipation
Proclamation. The greatest traits of Lincoln were determination, persistence, belief, and also
There are many reasons why this is my role model. First of all, he was challenged by
various situations during his time in office, and somehow he managed to keep pushing until he
managed to come up with a solution. He was not afraid of anything, and hence he could face the
challenge head on. He was always careful when making decisions since he knew that his actions
would affect the whole nation and not just himself. This act of selflessness is what makes him
stand out from many other leaders. In future, I would like to follow in his footsteps since it is a
calling. Not every person is able to stand for the whole nation when everything is falling apart.
Most leaders would flee, while others would use their power to save themselves. While looking

at this situation from a different perspective, it is clear that the people of the United States had
faith in their leader.

Benefits of Studying Psychology at Webster University

Studying Psychology at Webster University will help me achieve my dream of following
in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln because of a few reasons. First of all, the fact that I have a
role model will positively motivate me. According to Udani and Lorenzo-Molo (2013), persons
who have achieved outstanding success in their lives are clearly expected to inspire others to also
pursue the same excellence. By studying Psychology at Webster University, the instructors will
be able to guide me in identifying the possible achievements gained by Abraham Lincoln and
thereafter demonstrate the best route for achieving it. The Psychology instructor will also help
me to know more about myself.
Studying Psychology enables a person to know more about their leadership styles. Not
everyone has similar leadership characteristics, however this does not make one a better leader
than the other (Udani & Lorenzo-Molo, 2013). These characteristics can easily be manipulated to
ensure that a leader makes the best of his or her skills. Studying Psychology at Webster
University will enable me to learn more about my current leadership style through many ways.
First of all, I will be able to identify my strengths in leadership and weaknesses. After I have
become aware of these, the next step will be to identify what areas are critical and need
improvement. There are various ways of improving leadership abilities. Along with the help of
my instructors at Webster University, I will be able to work on these identified areas and make
my leadership better.

Another reason why Psychology will enable me to follow in Abraham Lincoln footsteps
is that this study helps an individual to adopt a positive attitude in life. Abraham Lincoln was
never discouraged no matter how bad the situation became. This is one of the major reasons why
the American people at that time believed in him. They were inspired by his optimistic attitude.
A leader should never appear discouraged or apathetic since the members rely on him, hence if
they see these characteristics they will also get discouraged (Udani & Lorenzo-Molo, 2013). A
leader should be the person giving encouragements to the people. Therefore, even if the people
seem hopeless, the leader should maintain his positive stand all the way through.
A leader should also be responsible for motivating the followers. Giving them a sense of
hope alone is not enough to better the situation. According to Udani and Lorenzo-Molo (2013),
the leader has a responsibility of encouraging followers to get into action. This act is not always
as easy as it seems. This is why studying Psychology is essential for me. There are no steps to
follow so as to be successful in motivating followers to take action, and there are no specific
speeches. However, by studying Psychology, one will be able to learn how to genuinely become
passionate about ideas and goals set. It will also enable me, as a leader, to be able to encourage
my followers to feel included in the process and hence they will be more willing to participate.


Webster University is the perfect place for me to pursue my course. This is because the
instructors are well trained and committed to helping students. The educational facilities in this
University are also advanced and hence I will be able to achieve so much more. The University
environment is perfect for learning as it features little distractions from outside sources. Lastly, I

will be able to interact closely with instructors as well as fellow students who have the same
dream as mine.


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