Seasoned nurse educators

Seasoned nurse educators possess wisdom about teaching (a kind of �with-it-ness�),
which they have developed through practical experience over the years. As a person new to
nursing education, you have a great deal to learn from a seasoned mentor. In order to gain
access to that knowledge, you will conduct an interview with an experienced nurse educator
either in a hospital or college setting. Your interview may be conducted face-to-face, online,
or by telephone.
For this assignment, you are to:
Generate a list of questions you will ask during the interview such as teaching strategies,
theories, technology, and evaluation techniques.
Conduct the interview.
Your discussion post should include:
 The setting.
 How the interview was conducted.
 The questions asked and the responses given.
 Anything else you think to be important.

Topic 2
Thinking back to Week 3 when you discussed a topic you would like to teach to a friend or
family member, create a formative and summative assessment for that hypothetical
educational encounter. The instructional methods can be traditional or nontraditional.
Explain how you can communicate the results of the evaluation to the learner.

Topic 1
The interview was conducted at the nurse educator mentor’s office. It was brief and took about
15 minutes. The discussion included:
Student: What the challenges are of experienced during transition from nurse practitioner to
nurse educator?
Mentor: There are no challenges at all. It is a very easy process.
Student: What is the key role of the nurse educator?

Mentor: The key role is to nurture future nurses. It involves setting of tailor made curriculum
which is abreast with the new trends. One is also required to teach leadership skills in nursing.
Student: What are the rewards of becoming a nurse educator?
Mentor: The increased knowledge through research, and contributions form one own research is
just so fulfilling. Also being in a position to nature future nurses is overwhelming.
Student: What level of programs are nurse educators permitted to teach?
Mentor: One is allowed to teach at every professional level ranging from ADN, LPN/LVN and
BSN. As experience increase, one is allowed to teach the advanced level.
Student: What attributes are required for one to become a nurse educator?
Mentor: You need to be humble, empathetic and open minded. As an educator, you interact with
students who view their teacher as their role model. One must increase nursing knowledge
through research and reading widely.

Topic 2: Assessment on Congestive Heart Failure, (Edmonson, 2010)
Formative assessment
Define CHF and associated signs and symptoms
Identify possible risk factors for CHF
Describe pathophysiology
Relates to the CHF treatment and management

Summative assessment
Level Understanding Strategies, Reasoning, & Procedures Communication

The learner understands that
 CHF is a multiple
 It’s main factor are
behavioral lifestyle
 The disease is

 The learner uses effective
reasoning strategy to describe
CHF processes
 The learner effectively
correlates with the CHF

 The learner
communication is
 The learner
verbalizes the
answers to each

Edmonson, C. (2010). Moral courage and the Nurse leader. Journal of Issues in Nursing
15(3);1-13 [Ebscohost]