1. Select a topic of interest with at least 2 variables that you will investiga

1. Select a topic of interest with at least 2 variables that you will investigate during the course.
2. If you have more than one idea, use the Topic Selection tool to help you narrow down your ideas and select the most feasible topic.
3. Once you finalize your topic and variables, start a literature search to find 4 quantitative design articles. Review the instructions in matrix to guide you with appropriate choices related to deign, sample, tools/survey/questionnaire, statistics, and etc.
4. In the matrix/table, enter in bullet points key content for each area. Most of the information that you need for the matrix could be derived from a good abstract following IMRAD/BRAC format (see Lecture Search for Evidence and article).
5. After you break each article down to bare bones or specific elements and you enter those elements in the matrix, start the synthesis by answering the questions; compare and contrast findings, so you can come the the conclusions about what is the most common or prevalent among your sources
Note: Many articles may not include conceptual or theoretical framework (see module 3 for differentiation). If the framework is not listed in the article (introduction or method), simply add NA under this item.
6. Review and follow the sample from matrix to synthesize information, and the Rubric attached with this assignment submission.