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You will choose a social justice issue and examine it across the entire lifespan

You will choose a social justice issue and examine it across the entire lifespan, including a discussion of all areas of development (physical, cognitive, emotional, social), all levels of practice (micro, mezzo, macro) and the strengths perspective. It will also include an examination of your own values and perspectives in the conclusion.
Your final paper should be 12-15 pages in length: title page, abstract, and references not included. Check your APA manual if you have questions as to how to compose a title page, abstract, or references. Quoted material should be minimal and cited in proper APA format. I recommend you use level headings to help organize your paper. Again, check your APA manual for how to format those.
I/we plan to examine/assess the following social justice issue: Lack of CPS workers in
West Virginia and the impact on child welfare.
Why I/we chose this issue: I am currently a foster care treatment coordinator for a private
agency. I have always expressed interest in gaining experience working in Child Protective
Services and have learned that West Virginia has the most CPS reports filed in the country,
but also has some of the highest vacancy rates which result in lack of mandated responses
within the allotted 72 hours.
I/we hope to learn/achieve: What the state is doing to make the situation better. How are
they working to recruit and retain more CPS workers and how they are compensating them
for being overworked and underpaid. I want to learn what the state is doing to reduce the
vacancies and how they are working to prevent response times from going well beyond the
mandated 72 hour time frame.

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