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Writing assignments are meant to convey the main ideas and overall arguments of

Writing assignments are meant to convey the main ideas and overall arguments of the readings for that week. Please do not get bogged down on details unless they really interest you and do not write a book/article report. All essays should be approximately 500 words.Each essay should: Responses should be between approximately 500 words and take the following form:Part 1: Determine and then accurately summarize/synthesize and substantiate with some evidence ONE key argument or analytical theme from the assigned texts of the day. An argument answers a how or why question.Part 2: Put one idea raised in these texts into conversation with an idea raised in a previous course reading or film. Take care in determining which texts make sense to connect. Make a case for why it is important to think about the two texts/ideas in relation to one another, going beyond a simple this idea resembles that idea.Part 3: Analyze how one aspect of the reading(s) significantly challenges or otherwise complicates the way you think about a particular issue or topic.

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