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Write It Up Once you have completed your observation and interviews, you will wr

Write It Up
Once you have completed your observation and interviews, you will write a 3-4 page narrative report on the place and the literacy practices that define and circulate in the place. You need to cover the following topics in your report:
What is the location you selected for your study? Define, describe, and explain the place.
Who do you share that space with? Who else occupies that space on a regular basis? What is your relationship to them?
How do you use written language in that space? Notes to yourself and others, text messages, etc.
How do you use spoken language in that space? Inside jokes, dialects and different language varieties, sarcasm, etc.
What aspect/s of your identity are performed in that space? Who are you when you are in that place?
Can you link place, identity, and community? Draw conclusions that bring together all of the pieces, place, community, and identity.

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