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Write an essay that addresses one of the following prompts: 1. Slavery was alway

Write an essay that addresses one of the following prompts:
1. Slavery was always economically more important in Southern states than in Northern ones. Is this a valid assessment? To what extent? Why or why not? (Your essay should address both regions.)
2. To what extent did ideas about gender, sexuality, and domesticity shape antebellum American society? How and in what ways? Use evidence from reading and lecture to support your answer.
Hint: The best answers will consider perceptions from both North and South, urban and rural areas.
Your essay should:
Have a clear argument
Support that argument with evidence from lectures and readings
Consider a range of course material (These questions are designed to be open-ended.)
Consider change over time (thats what history is!)
The best essays will explain why other possible arguments are less persuasive than
Remember: There is no single right answer to these essay prompts. Your job is to convince us that YOUR answer is the best one by supporting your argument with evidence.
Remember to put your name on your essay
Essays should be around 3-5 pages
Double spaced
12pt font
1 inch margins
Cite any direct quotes. Dont worry about citation style.

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