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write about the following what is a computer? In 1-2 paragraphs describe how com

write about the following
what is a computer? In 1-2 paragraphs describe how computers are different from other devices.
Supposed you are given a 10GB file containing patient records. Can the data be transferred onto a DVD to move to another system? If so, how? Can the data be transferred using a USB drive? If so, how? Can the data be sent over the internet? If so, how? Justify your answer and what you need to consider when transferring or storing patient records.
You are considering purchase of three hard drives. Which is one having the lowest cost per gigabyte (GB)? What is the cost of each of these devices per GB?
1TB HDD for $52.99
3TB HDD for $91
500GB SSD for $149.99
How many bits are in 3GB?

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