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Write a succinct, four-page assignment describing a specific criminal law that h

Write a succinct, four-page assignment describing a specific criminal law that has either changed or that is new to the Criminal Code of Canada and/or another Act of Parliament (federal). Use the criminal laws surrounding prostitution in Canada.
Introduction Section: clearly articulate the topic of your paper
Criminal Law Description Section: describe the law that changed or that was enacted (be specific)
How the Law Changed or Why it Was Enacted Section: describe how the law changed or why it was enacted
Impact on Public Section: note how the changed or new law has impacted the public
Discussion Section: explain the pros and cons of this change in law or introduction of new law
Conclusion Section: develop a concluding paragraph that clearly summarises the entire paper
Reference Page: list all the references used to write this paper (in text citation is required as per APA style guide, and reference list at end of paper).
Academic References: you will be required to cite at least FOUR academic references in your assignment.

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