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Write a Personal or Professional Ethics statement When you apply for a job, continue to further your education

Write a Personal or Professional Ethics statement When you apply for a job, continue to further your education

Write a Personal or Professional Ethics statement

When you apply for a job, continue to further your education, apply for a scholarship/research grant application, work in higher education, conduct dissertation/capstone research, write up a performance improvement plan, provide quality care for patients, create a healthcare plan or business plan for a hospital…etc., you are required to write a Personal or Professional Ethics statement.
Review the code of ethics from the following resources:
American College of Healthcare Executive (ASHE) Code of Ethics and Ethics toolkit
Code of ethics for educators
Nursing Code of Ethics
Physical Therapy Code of Ethics
Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics
Athletic Therapy Code of Ethics
In this assignment, you will develop a personal code of ethics statement. Your code of ethics statement should start off with an introduction, body of statement (include your ethical beliefs, your moral compass/practice, your ethical conduct in the workplace), and a conclusion. Support your assertions using at least four references in addition to the Code of Ethics resource provided; submit the assignment using APA 7th edition style formatting.
As graduate students, collecting and storing the articles that you have used to develop your work is key to efficiency and success. A citation manager, also called a reference manager, is software that allows you to build a bibliography across several courses. For this assignment, you will place your references in a citation manager and provide a screenshot at the end of your paper. USAHS offers many citation managers, and these can be found in our library.
Directions to Submit Your Assignment:
Submit the code of ethics assignment by the end of Week 7.
Your 2-3 page paper should be written in APA 7 format. Include the following
Cover page
Describe and define your professional code of ethics (support with scholarly reference/s)
Describe and define your ethical beliefs (support with scholarly reference/s)
Applying your professional code of ethics and your ethical beliefs, define your personal code of ethics statement (support with scholarly reference/s)
References page
Screenshot of citation manager

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