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Write a five-page paper to answer the following question: What sort of governmen

Write a five-page paper to answer the following question:
What sort of government and society did the French revolutionaries seek to create?
Based on one or more of the following documents:
Louis de Jaucourt, Superstition article, Encyclopedia, 1765
Statement of Grievances of the Third Estate of the District of Guret, March 21, 1789
National Assembly, Debates over a War Ultimatum to Austria, January 25, 1792
Louis-Antoine de Saint-Just, selections from One Cannot Reign Innocently speech, November 13, 1792
Lonard Robin, Instruction on the Law that Determines the Causes, the Method and the Effects of Divorce, passed on September 20, 1792, February 6 1793
Rosalie Julien, selected letters from a Convention deputys wife and mother, September 2 and December 28, 1792
As well as on one or more of the following books:
Peter McPhee, Liberty or Death: The French Revolution pages 1-204
Olwen Hufton, Women and the Limits of Citizenship in the French Revolution pages 1-26

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