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Work with a total of six pages: Cover page, Table of Contents, Narrative. and Re

Work with a total of six pages: Cover page, Table of Contents, Narrative. and References (Total 6 pages long, three for the narrative).
Identify a local or global business opportunity.
Research information about potential products/services you may offer; in case, identify viable countries for your chosen opportunity.
Decide at least two products/services in one or two countries and discuss the pros and cons for each.
Consider absolute and comparative advantages, market potential, and risks for your decisions. Decide on one country based on this analysis.
Describe the culture, economics, politics, and laws of your chosen country.
Perform SWOT analyses (product/service; organization; country).
Outline challenges and opportunities based on your SWOT analyses.
Determine the Strategic Management process for the business.
Identify competitors and their influence on the proposed global business and the product/service.

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