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Withits mix of discursive modes, broad scope of critical inquiry, and temporalfl

Withits mix of discursive modes, broad scope of critical inquiry, and temporalflexibility, Tentacle serves as theculmination of our classs overall analytical project: to examine howliterature helps us to recognize, understand, question, and transcend theorders of the world which, for better or for worse, arrange our lives andinfluence our experiences. In Indianas novel, the dominant structures andprincipal constructs of the world with which we have become familiargender,race, and class, the intersectional pillars used to support economic,political, and social ideologies of powerare as ardently critiqued as they areintensified within settings not too unfamiliar or distant from our own. Throughan excavation of the past and speculation of a future condemned by its ownfatalism, Tentacle unearths thefoundations of oppression in order to chart its normalization while, in theprocess, uncovering the subversive potential that the conscious preservation oforigins may have in shaping possible ways of moving forward.
Foryour final essay, choose one of thefollowing prompts below. Each prompt includes corresponding questions that aresolely intended to help you formulate a thesis and organize/navigate yourpaper. You are not obligated to answer all or any of the questions, though youmay use them to launch and/or support your own interpretations and arguments.Additionally, because the history of colonialism in the Dominican Republicplays such a significant role in Tentacle,you may consult and reference the historical context(s) discussed in the videolectures to support your paper. (Note that this doesnt mean I want a researchpaperthe purpose of the essay is still to demonstrate close-reading, analysis,interpretation, and writing efficiency.)
Prompt1: Post-colonial consequences
Using one character from thenovel as an example, discuss the consequences of colonialism, capitalism, andglobalization on modern notions of race, gender, sexuality, and/or class.
Wherein the novel are allusions or references to colonialism, capitalism, andglobalization made? In what contexts are they presented and how do they informthe characters situation(s)?
Howwould you describe the character? How does the character understand themselvesand others within a post-colonial, hyper-capitalist world? What influences thisunderstanding (or misunderstanding)?
Whatis the characters relationship to technology, the media, and/or popularculture (music, art, movies, etc.), and in what ways do they influence thecharacter? What effect(s) do they have?
Inwhat ways does the characters circumstances, beliefs, values, and/or motivesremain consistent or change within their timelinestheir past, present, and, ifapplicable, their future?
Howdoes the flow of time that structures the novel speak to the charactersexperiences and expressions?
Prompt2: Race and religion
Discuss the ways in whichSanteria permeates post-colonial identity and suggests the perseverance ofnational identity in the novel.
Whatis the significance of Santeria in the novel? How is it introduced? At whatmoments is it mentioned?
Whichcharacters believe in/practice Santeria? In what ways are these characters connectedto Santeria and what is their relationship to one another?
Howdoes Santeria reflect a resistance to colonialism and a recovery of nationalidentity? How does Santeria shape events in the present and future realities inthe novel?
Inwhat ways is Santeria appropriated? What is the relationship between politicsand religion in the novel? In what ways are they tied?
Whatis the significance of the sea anemone? What are the circumstances surroundingits contact with characters, and what might this say about the promise orfailure of the prophecy?
Beforeyou begin writing your essay, do a close re-reading of the text. This entails looking up words or names you do not know, identifyingpatterns in the text and passages that stand out to you, paying attention todetails of language, asking yourself whya writer chose to present their ideas in the way they did (and how they did it), thinking of the way inwhich the text affects you, etc. Be sure to revisit your underlines,annotations, marginalia, notes from lectures, and lesson plans uploaded toBlackboard and to review any comments you may have already received from me onpast assignments/essays.
Youressay should include (i) a title thatsets the stage for your paper and pagenumbers; (ii) an introductoryparagraph with a clear thesis statement that prepares/alerts the reader towhat your paper will be about; (iii) several main-body paragraphs that analyze examples from the text whichstrengthen/support your thesis; and (iv) a conclusionthat summarizes the paper as a whole. Remember to cite/quote passages from thetextindicated in your paper by quotation marks followed by page numbers inparenthesesto explain how/why theyare relevant to your interpretation,rather than using them in place of your own thoughts. Please consult theRubrics document on Blackboardwhich can be found via the CourseInformation link in the course menufor further guidelines.

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