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Thoroughly address each of the following questions/topics. Wherever possible, give examples and explain your reasoning. 

1. Distinguish between the different types of memory.  

2. Explain why people forget.

3. What can be done to aid the retention of learning?



Consider the effects of space flight on the human body. Explain why it is worth it to make a trip to and land on Mars? Explain your reasons and should the goal be to colonize the planet and explain why.



Consider for a moment, the technology at the turn of the 20th century. No internet, limited electricity, no airplanes, and the automobile was just entering production. The boys put at risk all they had and invented the airplane while maintaining their bicycle business.

Do you have a better appreciation for them now than before this lesson? How do you think you might have managed a job, educating yourself with engineering principles, and building something that had never been built before?

How would you describe the communication skills of the Wrights and how might it have been different if they had lived 100 years later?




Assignment: After watching the Flash Airlines accident investigation video, which do you think (and why) was more of a contributing factor to the accident: spatial disorientation of the pilot or failure of the flight instrumentation system? Substantiate your answer. 

Then discuss the sequence of events called the Error Chain that led to the crash of Flash Airlines Flight 604. Do you think breaking any of the links in the Error Chain would have prevented this accident from happening? Which link? Why? Substantiate your answer. 

Lastly, describe the physical reasons why it is unsafe to trust your sense of orientation when flying in conditions of reduced visibility and give an example of when you might have been disoriented during a non-flying activity.

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