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We previously examined Whole Foods Market and their commitment to mission, visio

We previously examined Whole Foods Market and their commitment to mission, vision and strategic planning. Panera Bread has a similar focus and vision: providing healthy, clean, sustainable food to improve quality of life and a healthier environment (Dettling, 2014).Ron Shaich, founder and CEO of Panera Bread, discusses strategy and management in the following video: watching the video, prepare at minimum a two-page paper using at least three credible resources in which you expand upon the following points:Considering a SWOT Analysis, what strengths and opportunities exist for Panera?What weaknesses and threats exist?What are the primary components of Panera Breads value chain?Core competencies are those capabilities that are difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate. Identify one Panera Bread competency that is difficult for competitors to duplicate. Explain why this competency gives Panera a competitive edge or differentiation.Panera Bread and Whole Foods face similar external forces. Identify at least two such forces and explain how both companies are addressing these external forces.Visit the Panera Bread website. In your opinion, is Panera currently living up to their Document Concept Essence that Shaich discusses in the video? What activities is Panera promoting to further differentiate itself from the competition?

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