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Using your CSR toolbelt, and the information regarding nonverbal behavior from y

Using your CSR toolbelt, and the information regarding nonverbal behavior from your chapter reading, choose a favorite retailer in your town and go to their customer service department to observe an interaction and follow the checklist of instructions.
You can download the CSR skills list to take with you.
Read through this checklist and complete the learning activities before starting your observation so you know what to look for.
Go to your favorite retailer’s customer service department to observe a customer service interaction.
State what the goal of the observed interaction between the CSR and customer are in your opinion and why. (You may do this after you observe and take notes so as not to miss anything.)
Observe how the customer’s problems or needs are addressed by the customer service representative (CSR).
Note the verbal and nonverbal behavior of the CSR and the verbal and nonverbal response by the customer.
Decide whether the goal of the interaction has been achieved and why. Was it a successful interaction in your opinion and why? How could the interaction and outcome have been improved (use your customer service representative (CSR) toolbelt and stellar CSR skills from the learning activity)?

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