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Use the resources available to gain a better hands-on experience for the topics

Use the resources available to gain a better hands-on experience for the topics covered in lab. Potential research resources are not limited to, but could include the following: textbook, books, journals, magazines, Internet research (creditable sites), personal interviews and field visits.
You are required to perform one lab assignment each lesson. This lesson will be a summary of the knowledge gained while performing research tasks or conducting field visits. Develop one paragraph (10-12 sentences) answering the questions below. In addition to the responses of the below questions, the paragraph may include topics you have found to be key points, areas you have found particularly useful, or any other information you found interesting.
Research: What is biosecurity and why is it important in livestock facilities? What actions are taken by facilities to increase biosecurity? Compare the growing phase in poultry to the growing phase in swine and detail the similarities and differences.
Helpful Links:
National Chicken Council: U.S. Chicken Industry History
Meat bird processing: An Inside Look at U.S. Poultry Processing
Egg production:
Poultry Farm Egg Production Business – Business For Sale, Gippsland, Victoria; Australia
Egg Production Video
Cage-Free Egg Production Tour
PQA (Pork Quality Assurance): U.S. Pork – Processing and Fabrication
Sustainable Production: U.S. Pork – Sustainable Pork Production
Processing: How to Butcher an Entire Pig|Handcrafted|Bon Appettit

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