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When I first began thinking about leadership, I had a fairly narrow perspective on what it meant and who could be a leader. To me, leadership was primarily about being in charge, making decisions, and giving orders. I believed that only certain people were “natural leaders” who were born with the ability to lead, while the rest of us could only follow. Furthermore, I thought that leadership was all about holding a high position of power and making important decisions for a group or organization, and at the same time, I also believed that one had to have certain characteristics or personality traits to be a good leader,

However, after completing the questionnaire, interviews, and research, and consulting other practicing leaders, my perspective on leadership has changed significantly. I now understand that leadership is not just about holding a formal position of power, but also about influencing others and working together to achieve a common goal (Tracy, 2023). Through effective communication, emotional intelligence, and building trust, leaders can inspire others to work together toward achieving a shared goal. I have learned that anyone can be a leader, regardless of their position or title, and that leadership can take many different forms. For example, I now understand that a teacher can be a leader in the classroom, a mentor can be a leader for a young person, and a customer service representative can be a leader in the way they interact with customers.

Is the finding placed in the context of previous nutrition findings?  Does the article imply that the current finding wipes out all that has gone before it?  Can you detect a broad understanding of nutrition on the writer’s part?  From what clues?  For example, an article about folate and heart disease should say that saturated fat probably plays the major nutrition role in heart disease development………..

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