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Topic: Ethical Considerations Related to Community Health The National Center fo

Topic: Ethical Considerations Related to Community Health
The National Center for Ethics in Health Care of the Veterans Health Administration publishes a series of articles and provides resources on integrated ethics. One focus is preventive ethics, which uses a step-by-step method of addressing ethical quality gaps in health care. The process is presented as an acrostic spelling out ISSUES.
Identify an issue.
Study the issue.
Select a strategy.
Undertake a plan.
Evaluate and adjust.
Sustain and spread.
Respond to the questions below and post at least 2 replies.
What do you feel is the most critical issue in healthcare today? Explain your criteria, and provide a rationale for your selection.
How can you use the ISSUES acrostic to address the critical issue? Why is using the ISSUES acrostic an effective strategy?
Why is the ISSUES strategy relevant to the knowledge and skills you are acquiring in this course?

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