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Throughout the course, we have looked at the various intellectual interpretation

Throughout the course, we have looked at the various intellectual interpretations of the history of the revolution. In the previous module, you were introduced to a new complexity: the difference nationality makes to a historian’s point of view. Both Gasiorowski and Kukiel have noted scholars of Polish history and veterans of the Polish army. In “Beyond the Bug,” James McCann, of the University of Glasgow in Scotland, tells us what the Soviets had to say about the war. He states, “By no means is historiographical analysis held to be value-free” (p. 475).
In your discussion, respond to McCann’s comment. How do historians’ values or ideologies (whether personal or political) influence their perspectives on issues surrounding the Russo-Polish War? How does national origin play a role in historiography? Be sure to cite at least two examples and quote your scholarly sources.

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