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This is for a college US History class. Only 1 of the questions has to be answe

This is for a college US History class.
Only 1 of the questions has to be answered, does not matter to me which one.
This is the book being used in the class:
Making America: A History of the United States Volume I Carol Berkin, Christopher L. Miller, Robert Cherny, and James Gormley, 7th edition, Cengage Learning, 9781285194806
Choose one question from the list below and respond. Identify to which question you are responding. Submit your 2-3 page response to the Discussion Area. Remember to use supporting citations from the textbook and online lectures.
Question 1:
How did the growth of tobacco impact the land, culture, economy, politics, and social relations both in North America and throughout the Atlantic?
Question 2:
The absence of gold in Canada and North America influenced colonial behavior toward the land and the natives. Do you think that this statement is accurate or inaccurate? Why did the Spanish, French, and English come to the New World and how did their colonies develop differently from one another?

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