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This discussion must consist of a minimum of 400 words and must support the asse

This discussion must consist of a minimum of 400 words and must support the assertions with at least two scholarly citations in current APA format. Acceptable sources include sources required by the case instructions, accounting or business journals and texts, GASB or FASB publications and the Bible. Except for the Bible, any sources cited must have been published within the last five years.
Research Case Prompt
The law firm of Hackney and Walton has deceided to start supporting a worthy charity. The partners want to select an organization that makes good use of its resources to meet its stated mission.
Go to the website Click on “For Donors.” Find a search box titled “Find a Charity Report.” Above the box is a link to “Our 20 Standards.” First, read those standards. Then, enter the names of two or more charities that are well known into the search box. Read the information that is available about each charity on this website.
It may also be helpful to review information about the selected charities via the Guide Star website and the Charity Navigator website. I personally find The Arc of the United States and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to be good choices.
Write a report to the partners of Hackney and Walton. Describe the charities you selected and recommend which of these charities they should support. Give adequate justification for this recommendation. The report should also include a Christian worldview or Biblical perspective.

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