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This assignment requires students to reflect on their experience of developing a

This assignment requires students to reflect on their experience of developing and implementing a small scale research project. This is a written assessment to be submitted online. Students are encouraged to use ‘I’ when writing about their experience. In writing this reflection students should draw on research methodology scholarship/literature. For example, if your small-scale project involved interviewing you should not only write about your own personal experience but also link this to what other researchers have written (eg. Shaw & Holland’s book on qualitative research in the Reading List). Essays that receive high marks will demonstrate a link between their experience and the broader research methods literature (particularly work you have read this semester).
Your reflection should include: a outline of your small-scale project (including research question); a description of your data collection process with references to research methods literature; a discussion of what worked well and what you might change in the future (this could include any ethical dilemmas that arose); and a reflection on how you imagine research skills will be useful for your future practice as social workers. Your reflection should be approximately 1,500 words in length
The research project is about my research on gender issues of Asian’s culture, as Asians mostly rely on patriarchal society, and lead by male, which has shown unfair towards female

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