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This assignment is designed to have you engage with the city of Rome on a day to

This assignment is designed to have you engage with the city of Rome on a day to day basis by reflecting, researching and writing blog posts on a broad theme related to the course. This theme will unite most of your blog entries. Keep this theme in mind when you are reading, when we are out in the city visiting sites and monuments, and during class discussions. This theme will inspire your perspective on the city and your blog entries. You will be expected to write five blog posts in total. Each entry should be 450-600 words.
Style, Tone and Research: imagine you are writing for an intelligent audience made up of your classmates, your professors and other motivated readers. Thus, your blog should be engaging, but also academic. For each blog entry, you must do some research, consulting at least two scholarly sources (not including the texts assigned for this course). In each blog entry you will cite your sources using Chicago Style. Please see the video and PDF posted on Canvas explaining Chicago Style.
Aesthetics: The beauty of the blog is that it is a great way to use images and photos. Make sure that you correctly attribute all photos to their source (did you take the picture? Did one of your classmates? Is it an open access image from the internet? In all cases provide citation) Ensure that your blog looks nice: Is the font aesthetically pleasing and readable? Is the formatting good? Are the photos visible? Is your text free from spelling and grammar errors?

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