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Thesis Statement: Homeless Veterans

Thesis Statement Homeless Veterans

Thesis Statement: In such thriving and evolving economies, yet we still lack the effort to ensure that those who have once fought for our Nation’s freedom, have secured and stable living environments.
• Present the issue of homelessness in our Veterans
• History of homelessness
• How long it has been an issue
• Why it is beneficial to fix the issue
Body 1: Causes/Leads
• Discharge from service (honorable/dishonorable)
• Benefits/no benefits (pension, monthly compensation)
• Hard time transitioning from service
• Mental health issues
• Pride/stigma of seeking assistance
Body 2: Effects of being homeless
• Substance abuse
• More mental illness issues
• History of homelessness (new to it or not)
• Medical problems/pain
• Bipolar/PTSD
• Lack of proper nutrition
Body 3: How to fix the issue
• Identify those in need
• Resources
• Programs
• Community help
• Restate thesis
• Summarize the main ideas
• Recap of the benefits of solving the problem of homeless veterans

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