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There are many different types of digital crimes, and their impact and implicati

There are many different types of digital crimes, and their impact and implications can be very different. Similarly, the ability to prosecute can also vary dramatically. Digital crimes have been increasing at a rapid rate for several years. Many types of crime that are emerging today were not possible or foreseen before the advent of technology. In this exercise, we will look at the types of computer crimes and discuss what drives these trends. We will also discuss digital crime trends and what causes an increase or decrease in their prevalence.
Respond to the following:
Several types of digital crime have been discussed. Which do you feel have the potential to impact organizations the most, and which do you feel have the least impact? Give reasons for your answers.
Which types of digital crime do you see increasing and which do you see decreasing over the next few years?
What enables computer crime and what causes a particular type of crime to increase or decrease?
Which digital crime trends do you feel are most alarming? Explain your answer.
What types of currently infrequent digital crimes do you foresee increasing in the near future?
Do you think law enforcement will obtain the capability to effectively combat digital crime? Discuss what leads you to believe this will or will not happen.
Do you think there is a technical solution to curtail computer crime? Give reasons for your answer.

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