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The purpose of this Individual Student Profile Analysis assignment is to develop

The purpose of this Individual Student Profile Analysis assignment is to develop your Individual Student Profile as you begin to develop and expand your skills as a reflective practitioner. This Analysis assignment includes a paper with two parts: (1) The interplay Between Theory and Practice and (2) The Individual Student Profile professional goals.
In preparation for completing a final paper, complete these steps:
Step 1. Access and Review
Individual Student Profile Personal goals: This Individual Student Profile contains your philosophy of learning and professional goals statements (3-5), which will state your intent as a graduate professional. For each goal statement, you will describe how the goal translates into actions you intend to use in your professional setting.
Step 2. Access and Review
Begin by accessing and reviewing the Reflective Thinking video and information available at this link:
Step 3. Consider and Reflect
To set the stage for this assignment, consider and reflect on the following scenario:
Evan is working at the hospital and is now attending American College of Education (ACE) to earn his Master of Science degree in Nursing. Evan recognizes that both the ACE and the hospital mission and vision act as frameworks to guide professional nursing practice and care delivery. Evan decides he wants to learn more about the relationship among nursing theories, theories from other disciplines, mission, and vision and their impact on professional practice and patient-centered care.
Step 4. Select
Select one nursing theory and a theory from a related discipline to describe how these serve as frameworks for reflecting on professional goals and making decisions related to patient-centered care
Step 5. Reflect
Reflect upon the relationship of leadership, decision-making, and accountability to your professional role. Applying concepts from the Reflective Thinking video and information, create a Statement of Goals to guide your professional practice integrating the use of theory, leadership, and professional accountability.
Step 6. Develop 3-5 Professional Goals
Step 7. Structure
Structure the 2- to 3-page (excluding the title and references pages) paper using this outline:
Title Page
Body of the Paper
References page

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