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The paper is open to any artist, artwork, or art movement the student chooses as

The paper is open to any artist, artwork, or art movement the student chooses as long the time period is within the range of the class (c. 1980-present). The paper is thesis driven and requires a creative argument.Absolutely no Internet sources are allowed as references (in the citations or bibliography) EXCEPT those of scholarly articles in the library databases, museum websites, and legitimate news agencies, such as the BBC. You must cite at leastfour (4)sources:three (3)must be scholarly andone (1)can be a newspaper article.The paper must be at least10FULL pages long or more (12-point font, double-spaced), excluding images and the bibliography. Formatting: 12-point font, double-spaced Endnotes or footnotes (NOT in-text citations). Include figures/plates at the end of the paper, Include a bibliography Include a title page as page one Use Chicago Manual of Style for all citations

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