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The Nursing Career

What skills and qualities do you bring to the Nurse Practitioner role?
o What are the most important things you need to learn to be a successful Nurse
o How does the Lewis University mission integrate with your personal and professional

The Nursing Career

My experience and skills will be valuable for me to take the Nurse Practitioner position. I
understand that my skills and experience such as coordination of nursing services; provision of
education/ information to the patient/ family concerning their diagnosis or conditions; symptom
prevention/ management and following up on patient progress will be helpful to the new role. I
have also managed chronic diseases and their associated symptoms. I am capable of planning,
organizing and coordination of patient appointment services. I can work in the assessment,
planning, intervention and the evaluation of the patient care services.
The other personal and professional qualities that I can offer are as follows. I can actually
optimize the use of available resource designed for maximum patient gain or benefit. I don’t
comprise on the wastage of resources, they are limited and hence should be used wisely and
optimally. Earlier, I had worked as an advocacy officer to oversee that patients’ rights were
being obeyed and their benefits offered in its entirety.
I am competent in organizing, planning and provision of continuity of care services in
accordance to existing laws and guidelines. My scope of experience is not only limited to

inpatient care, but I can also handle outpatients and home care services to a satisfactory degree of
success. Hospice patients normally require specialized services. I have worked with them,
largely by managing their pain, educating their caregivers, offering palliative services and wound
management services.
I have also interacted and provided service and care to surgical patients. This involved
the provision of urgent services such as blood transfusion, pain management, wound
management and changing treatment intervention plans when deemed necessary. In this time was
responsible for charting medical records, providing patient updates to their family members and
the physicians in charge.
Nurse Practitioners are expected to offer safe, quality and effective healthcare services.
These are the three basic skills I have to master effectively. I am expected to achieve patients’
satisfaction and positive feedback outcomes after the provision of healthcare services. This will
be a hard endeavor to attain as patient satisfaction due to the fact that its success depends on a lot
of factors. But I have to do my best to the best of my knowledge, skills, experience and in
accordance to the existing professional codes of conduct. I have to be assessing myself always
based on the outcomes, safety, quality, and on the effectiveness of care. Training needs and
recommendations will be based on the same (Stanik-Hutt, Newhouse, White, Johantgen, Bass,
Zangaro, Wilson, Fountain, Steinwachs, Heindel & Weiner, 2013).
The Lewis University (2015) provides an environment for a busy and complex nursing
environment. It also provides for a training based on the current nursing challenges in
accordance to current knowledge and evidence based studies. The training will also focus on the
safety of healthcare service and current approved therapeutic intervention measures. The training
in the university will also boost my career based o the quality of services I will offer;

performance based on viable evidence; and to systematically address clinical patient issues
(Lewis University, 2015).


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Effectiveness of Care Provided by Nurse Practitioners. Journal of Nurse Practitioners,
9(8), 492 – 500.e13.
Lewis University. (2015). 2014 – 2015 Lewis University Graduate Catalog Addendum.

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