The impact of Legislation Affordable Care Act on Nursing Practice

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was passed into legislation in
March, 2010. Identify the impact of this legislation on your nursing practice by choosing
two key nursing provisions outlined in the American Nurses Association “Key Provisions
Related to Nursing”

The impact of Legislation Affordable Care Act on Nursing Practice
Affordable Care Act (PPACA) passed in 2010 was an initiative to improve healthcare
provision. The act has various sections on various aspects requiring adherence in ensure
realization of objectives of the act. The paper delineates on two key provisions of the act and
their impact on my nursing practice as a surgeon.
One of the provisions that will impact on my nursing practice is the provision on Public
Health Workforce as captured in section 5204 (American Nurses Association, 2010). This
provision has established a loan repayment program that will help to increase the number of
public health professionals hence, eliminate shortages. The public health professionals will be
assisted by the government in resettling one-third of their loans in exchange of employment. This
is very important, as it will help to reduce the workload experienced by the surgeons. Therefore,
the quality of service will be enhanced because workload will be reduced.
The second provision that will impact on my nursing practice is about Nursing
Transparency-Whistleblower Protection under section 6105 of the act (American Nurses
Association, 2010). This provision will ensure that complaints are resolved amicably. It will also
help to protect the whistleblowers especially against employees that may complain on the quality
of services and healthcares services at nursing facilities (Tacchino, 2014). This will help me to
demand better working conditions to ensure that I render quality services to the patients.

Victimization of employees who voice such concerns will be alleviated and this is also geared to
help me as a surgeon to raise concerns without any fear of reprimand or termination of my
employment. In the process, it will ensure that I offer better care services.
In conclusion, the provisions in the act are very essential in helping promote and
improve healthcare. The act should be well implemented to ensure that quality healthcare is not


American Nurses Association. (2010). Health care reforms

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