Technology is the first issue discussed by basically considering the fact that can it be accepted in the cultures of the people across the world. Cultural issues emerge often whenever there is an interactivity activity. Technology being a current issue can play a crucial role in different cultures and therefore focusing on the positive impacts of new technology outweighs the negative impacts. For this reason, new technology needs to be accepted and be impressed in different cultures to ease many activities in various cultures. Some cultural practices look current and some outdated. Cultural practices that have no benefits to the people need condemnation since new technologies will be able to facilitate faster spread on information about such evil practices hence need to be impressed.

Technology will be basically be adopted when persuasive people volunteer to create awareness to various cultures about the use of these new technologies in their cultures. The persuaders should do this with the aim of influencing the leaders of different societies who have got profound role in such culture (Manuel, 2009). Therefore, by influencing them, clearly shows that people will be able to adopt the new technologies hence the new technologies will be accepted in cultures.

The fact considered is not only that new technologies being accepted but considerations on how it will change the cultures that harm people. After people empress the new technology, sharing of information will be faster and therefore certain issues in cultures that are very harmful will be condemned successfully. The new technologies will be used to spread information faster focusing on why the practices should condemned mainly by looking at the negative impacts of such cultural practices to the lives of the people hence giving people the sense (Bateman, 2010).

The next issue discussed is the influence of social media on the academic performance of students which most people thought that social media impacts more negatively on academic performance on students, the reverse is true after close interaction by a comrade who really appreciates social media on his performance based on the results after impressing social media. The sense was directly seen since the media is used for discussions of academic works for example the whatsapp (Ruckreim, 2009) platform where students have got groups, they discuss academic matters here, they update urgent classes on this platform  which ensures that students are updated and therefore cannot  miss such classes hence academic performance improved due to social media.

Students have various challenges in life where by some think that they have problems in life which are sources of stress that negatively impact to their academic performance. Sharing such issues make such students to discover they are not the only ones and their challenges they are facing look less serious as compared to others (Time Magazine, 2010). This encourages them and in the process the level of stress reduces enabling them to concentrate on their academic work. This is made possible due to use of social media platforms such facebook, instagram, twitter just to name a few where they update such information and comments from friends who have experienced more problems than the updated one offering advice how to overcome such issues.

From this, it is clearly true that social media has greatly impacted positively on academic performance of some students who have principles and adhere to them to the latter hence, cannot be mislead when they use social media. To those who do not have principles, social media can impact negatively to their academic performance since such people do not have control on when and how to use the media.


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