Teaching strategies for nursing students

Teaching strategies for nursing students
Clearly & comprehensively discuss three teaching strategies an educator could use
with that particular group of learners.(nursing students)
Three teaching strategies with rational-for each strategy as to why it would be
The selected population is nursing students,
Use at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed resources less than 5 years old in
addition to course materials


Unprecedented and rapid changes

Teacher-centered> student-centered approach;

Critical thinking

Life-long learning

Creative problem-solving


Actively learning students;

More than listening

Highly developed cognitive skills

discussion, writing, and reading

Exploring values and attitudes


Most widely used and oldest method

Reaches many students

Covering a large material amount quickly

Cost-effectiveness (Vacek, 2009).

Using class time efficiently

Introducing new material

Continuing a topic discussion

Present huge blocks of confusing and complex

Summing up course content

Questioning Strategies

Develops problem solving, decision making,
and critical thinking skills

A component of active learning

Learning how to apply knowledge

High questioning level

Stimulating questions (Su & Juestel, 2010).


Self-directed learning

Students can;

Assess their performance; asset in the work and
clinical environment (Valiga, 2009).

Accurately identify weaknesses and strengths

Become more independent


Su, W. M., & Juestel, M. J. (2010). Direct
Teaching Of Thinking Skills Using Clinical
Simulation. Nurse Educator, 35(5): 197-

Vacek, J. E. (2009). Using a Conceptual
Approach With Concept Mapping To
Promote Critical Thinking. Journal of
Nursing Education, 48(1), 45- 48.

Valiga, T. (2009). Promoting And Assessing
Critical Thinking. Upper Saddle River, NJ:
Pearson Education.

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