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WHO (2020) stated that nursing workforce (nurse professionals and nurse assistants) is the world’s largest single occupation in the health sector and that an estimate of 6 million nursing shortage is expected worldwide by 2030. This implies that the recruiters must have well-designed recruitment and retention strategies in order to get the right candidates.

According to HR toolkit (2013), the ability of an organization to recruit candidates successfully is influenced by many variables. Among them is the ability to generate awareness through advertisements. Proper networks and referrals both internally and externally maintains an open communication channel for parties with same objective of seeking the right candidate. Remuneration should be a discussion between the interviewer and interviewee which should be done with a lot of fairness for every candidate.

Successful recruitment and retention of nurses


Wong (2022) unmasked toxic work environments and poor communication between staff and management as the main causes of staff turnover. Facilitation of effective communication channels is the pivotal point in curbing all other factors surrounding exit of nurses……………….

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