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SUBJECT: CYBERSECURITY Please refer to Module 7 powerpoint and ebook Cybercrime

Please refer to Module 7 powerpoint and ebook Cybercrime & Society to complete this assignment. (ebook login…, email:, Password: Peggy404!). Also please add 1-2 additional sources.
Consider the ethical considerations of online privacy and the necessity of surveillance of cybercrime. Which types of surveillance measures are justified for addressing cybercrime? For this first post, focus on a specific modality of crime. Be sure that your post does not stray too close to an opinion piece. In your posts, you should consider the benefits and potential pitfalls of the surveillance of cybercrime.
Successful posts will be will be no shorter than 300 words, with reference to the information in the readings. Next, write a critical response post (no less than 150 words) to another student that also utilizes the information found in the readings
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