Strategic Planning in Nursing

Strategic Planning in Nursing

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What ways can nursing utilize Strategic Planning in the new millennium?

How Nurses can utilize Strategic Planning in the New Millennium
Proper planning allows nurses to offer quality services to their clients. Just like in any other
profession, planning is necessary in ensuring that an organization runs smoothly. Laying out
strategies helps the stakeholders to anticipate different situations, therefore, putting them at a
good position in the handling of varied circumstances. Planning also protects an organization
from external influence such as competition. Political influence as illustrated by Patricia and
Morana could for instance have detrimental consequences on nurses if they do not anticipate it.
A good strategy for nurses should ensure that they anticipate challenges in their work. Such a
strategy should also provide means by which challenges are to be addressed.


Challenges likely to be faced by nurses in a health care facility include shortage of staff to
handle clients, and insufficiency of resources. To handle the issue of shortage of staff, a previous
plan could for instance giveguidelines on the way the available nursing staff should organize
itselfto avoid inconveniencing other patties. For the case of insufficient resources, a good plan
could offer alternatives such as where and how to solicit for funding. Unlike in a situation where
no plans are laid, either of the above illustrated issues could be handled in time, and with optimal
In their plan, nurses should clearly outline their objectives and confine them within specific
timelines. Patricia and Morana(2009) wrote that a strategic plan should be flexible to allow
modifications with time. Nurses should ensure that their strategic plan sails with time to avoid
future obstructions. As they carry out their duties, the nurses should be guided by the outlined
objectives to minimize unnecessary diversion of attention from their goals. The plan should also
allow the nurses to work toward a common goal by being acceptable by the wholepersonnel,
(Patricia, &Morana, 2009, pg.29). The plan should bring together the entire workforce in the
addressing issues that may arise in the future. By giving guidelines on what should be done, a
well stipulated strategic plan would minimize incidences of misunderstanding among nurses, and
in turn promote their unity.
During the formulation of the plan, nurses should prioritize on their welfare as well as that of
other patties in their environment. For instance, the nurses could ensure that the plan leads to the
well-being of patients. It should also offer good ways of interacting with other health care staff,
including doctors, pharmacists, record keepers and subordinate staff.


By implementation of their strategic plan, nurses should attain good results withminimal strain.
For the future success of an organization, its current situation should be controllable. A strategic
plan could allow nurses to check their progress by directly comparing their achievements to the
expectations earlier stated in the plan. Fox wrote that planning enables assessment of progress
and allows for constant evaluation of an organization’s achievements (Karen, 2012, Pg. 243)
Criticism should be encouraged to ensure that the nurses strictly adhere to their plan. There
should also be channels through which constructive criticism is offered so that any reluctance of
the members in the execution of the plan is noted, positively discouraged and corrected.
A good plan promotes unity by creating the impression that the welfare of the entire organization
is prioritized. Personal gains in a plan should only be felt after the success of the organization at
large. Planning,importantly,ensures timely addressing of arising issues that may hinder the
success of the nurses. In addition, the plan would see to a healthy interaction between seniors and
their juniors.
To conclude, a strategic plan guides the nursing community to their future. The more
comprehensive a plan is the higher are the chances of the nurses’ success.




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Williams & Wilkins, 42(5), 242-243
Patricia, L., &Morana, C. (2009, March). Nursing Strategy: What’s your Plan? Nursing Center,
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