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Sociology Essay in APA format Answer all three questions Please describe the imp

Sociology Essay in APA format
Answer all three questions
Please describe the impact Marx, Durkheim, & Weber had onsociology as prominent contributors of the discipline.
Discuss in detail the various methods utilized in sociologicalresearch. Furthermore, how does the nature of the research impactsociety?
What are the potential ramifications of Differential Associationapplied to people being socialized in poor neighborhoods?
Format requirements: 1.5 line spacing; 12 point font; 2 pages perquestion
-Please use correct grammar and spelling.
-Every essay response must be numbered or use a header(s) in boldtype.
-One source per question is required cited in APA format. Do NOTsimply list website links.
-Do NOT use in-text citations in place of the full APA citedsource(s).
Five points will be deducted for each missing source.
-Feel free to contact the campus library for APA citationexamples.
-APA requires every line after the first per source to beindented.
Sources: Online databases via the library are acceptable

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