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Socialization, begin by looking up its meaning, next read the story of Isabelle

Socialization, begin by looking up its
meaning, next read the story of Isabelle after
reading her story you are to apply as many
sociological concepts to her story and you must
indicate or briefly state which concepts you are
using, in a three page paper.
This is the story about Isabelle.
The old man was horrified when he found out. Life never had been good since
his daughter lost her hearing when she was just 2 years old. She couldn’t even
talk- just fluttered her hands around trying to tell him things.
Over the years, he had gotten used to this. But now … he shuddered at the
thought of his daughter being pregnant. No one would be willing to marry her;
he knew that. And the neighbors, their tongues would never stop wagging.
Everywhere he went, he could hear people talking behind his back.
If only his wife were still alioe, maybe she could come up with something.
What should he do? He couldn’t just kick his daughter out into the street.
After the baby was born, the old man tried to shake his feelings, but they
wouldn’t let loose. Isabelle was a pretty name, but every time he looked at the
baby he felt sick to his stomach.
He hated doing it, but there was no way out. His daughter and her baby would
have to live in the attic.
Unfortunately, this is a true story. Isabelle was discovered in Ohio in 1938
when she was about 6-and-a-half years old, living in a dark room with her
deaf-mute mother. Isabelle couldn’t talk, but she did use gestures to
communicate with her mother. An inadequate diet and lack of sunshine had
Given Isabelle a disease called rickets.
[Her legs] were so bowed that as she stood erect the soles of her shoes came
nearly flat together, and she got about with a skittering gait. Her behavior
toward strangers, especially men, was almost that of a wild animal,
manifesting much fear and hostility. In lieu of speech she made only a strange
croaking sound. (Davis 1940)
When the newspapers reported this case, sociologist Kingsley Davis decided to
find out what had happened to Isabelle after her discovery. We’ll come back to
that later, but first let’s use the case of Isabelle to gain insight into human

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