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Select any general or industry data-related regulations (GDPR, CPPA, HIIPA, PIPE

Select any general or industry data-related regulations (GDPR, CPPA, HIIPA, PIPEDA, FACTA, ECPA, FERPA, DMCA, Basel II, GLBA, PCI-DSS, etc.). Identify limitations or actual provisions in the regulation, or creative ways that could allow organizations to monetize data to which the regulation applies, i.e., identify extant or novel data monetization opportunities in light of such regulations. Be creative in both identifying limitations, and draw upon the ways you learned about monetizing data internally and externally, and directly and indirectly. Then draft a memo to the CEO of an actual or fictitious company explaining and convincing him/her of your idea(s).
Your submission should be no longer than 300 words

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