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Managing the care needs for adolescents diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is complex because of poor social cognition, communication, and in some cases inappropriate aggressive behaviors (Heward, 2013).  This paper attempts to explain the connection between parents’s with adolescents caring experiences and health status of their children. The study includes both men and women from diverse socio economic backgrounds, ages and ethnic backgrounds. The phenomenological study that investigates parents’ experiences who take care of adolescents diagnosed with ASD to develop plausible explanations for the connection between parents’ mental stability and their children outcomes (Strunk, Pickler, McCain, Ameringer, & Meyers, 2014).

 The paper explores the study advancement of scientific knowledge, study’s contribution to research theory, application of scientific inquiry methods, validity and reliability of the study. The paper also explores approaches used to address ethical concerns and application of the research terminology…………….

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