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Scenario: As the department manager, several of your staff havecome to you and c

Scenario: As the department manager, several of your staff havecome to you and confidentially expressed concern about one of their coworkers.This coworker is a Medical Assistant, and also serves as the labor unionrepresentative. Some of your staff feel that the MA is abusing her power as theunion rep, and intimidating other team members, creating a hostile workenvironment.
Respond to the following points to explain how you will handlethis situation:
What research will you conduct, and how will you apply thatinformation to your action plan?
What individuals need to be involved in addressing this issue?
How will you protect the confidentiality of your staff whoexpressed concerns?
In a closing paragraph, summarize your plan of action, includinghow you will address the accusations/behavior with the MA directly.
On a separate reference page, include a minimum of two scholarlysources to support your work.

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