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Benjamin Johns, D. (2014). Measles Eradication versus Measles Control: An Economic Analysis. J Vaccines Vaccin05(06). Retrieved from

 This paper compares the cost benefit of eradicating or controlling measles in six countries including Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Uganda, and Tajikistan. The study findings indicate that the economic cost of eradicating measles in these developing countries is twice as the cost of implementing these strategies. The study findings indicated that a country that commits to elimination of measles rather than control of measles is simply wasting its resources. This is because measles eradication will require finite resources as well as political will in order to sustain the eradication policies effectively. The best low cost opportunity that leads to effective management of the disease is through vaccination.

Edens, C., Collins, M., Goodson, J., Rota, P., & Prausnitz, M. (2015). A microneedle patch containing measles vaccine is immunogenic in non-human primates. Vaccine33(37),…………

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