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Role of personality career choices
Personality plays an important role in people’s career choices and has been shown that people seek professions that provides satisfaction and meets their personal demands (Baldacchino and Galea, 2012). Personality testing is used to assess individual personality and to inform how individuals are likely to respond or cope in varying situation. It is well noted that personality influence how people interact and ways they deal with their daily happenings and also influence their coping strategies. Personality theories are used to examine and to predict people’s behavior. The theories focus on personality types as well as traits to categorize people based on their differences, conformity, uniqueness and commonalities (Yazdanian, Alavi, Irajpour, & Keshvari, 2016).
Theorists such as John Watson, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Alfred Adler developed personality theories using psychoanalytical, behavior, humanistic and trait approach. According to psychoanalytical theory, Sigmund Freud states that people’s behavior is influenced by their past and current thoughts or feelings. According to trait theory, it has been suggested that people are uniqueness is inherent. Therefore, even people who grew in the same environment can be very different. Carl Rogers suggests that individuals have innate motivation that shapes their personality, but it is also influenced by the experiences which foster creativity. Behavioral approach assumes that behavior is a product of an environment (Kagan & Evans, 2013).
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