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Nutrition plays a huge role in children and maternal health. It is widely recognized that the optimal nutrition in early life results into long term health. The patient education is healthy maternal dietary pattern and adequate placental supply of nutrients. This topic is important putting into consideration that malnutrition is now a global health problem. This topic is important because it increases awareness of healthy eating habits.  Although balanced diet is accessible, there is increased shift to high fat and low quality diets that have inadequate mineral and vitamin during pregnancy. Evidence based practice highlights the need to recognize nutritional needs for each expectant mother in order to lead to individualized healthful dietary practices before and after pregnancy (Cetin and Laoreti, 2015).

Most expectant mothers get worried about the weight gain. Talk to your doctor about the expected weight because it is different for everyone. However, most people gain about 25-30 pounds. Eating balanced diet is one of the most important things for the pregnant mother. However, there are foods that one needs to be careful during pregnancy including eggs, meals and fish, especially if not well cooked as it puts the mothers at risk of developing infection. Do not eat more that 2-3 servings of fish per week. Fish products such as shark, king Mackerel or tilefish are associated with high level of mercury (Cetin and Laoreti, 2015)…………

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