Role of Nursing practitioners

The role of the NP is a challenging, complex, dynamic and rewarding role! Reflect on the
level of insight you feel you have gained in the course. Do you have a better understanding
of the role of the NP? How has this course impacted your perspective on the role of the NP?

Role of NP
Nursing practitioners have a critical role in providing extensive primary and specialty health
care. NP job is challenging as every practitioner must remain abreast in nursing technologies
advancements. They are also being encouraged to get acquainted in billing and coding systems.
Through the program, I was privileged to care for patients and it is gratifying. The program have
positively changed my perception of nursing health care by reinforcing the vital role nurses play
when providing health care services. Through interaction with the nurses, I observed care and
hard work the nurses undergo on daily basis to make the world a better place. For instance, they
have to consult and work with other health care practitioners in order to attain their objectives.
They have to document their report completely and with the highest order of clarity on every
encounter with the patients (Ridenour, 2009).
Additionally, registered nurses offer public health care to populations from diverse cultures; each
with unique cultural and religious spirituality. It is nurse’s responsibility to understand patient
cultural background because they impact significantly on the patients’ health and illness.
Nursing profession is a caring profession. Nurses must reflect on cultural values of the society
especially in this era of globalization and massive international movement (HRSA, 2012). To
become a Nursing practitioner, one has to be a registered nurse who is certified by the board and
their scope of practice is expanded within specialty. Good health care practices entail the
provision of quality care through changing risky behavior that hallmarks various
misunderstandings. These misunderstandings are obstacles in responding to the growing quality

health care demands. More so, they are expected to be healthy living models, but putting into
consideration of the nature of their work, this expectation is quite demanding (CNO, 2012).

CNO. (2011) ‘Nurse practitioner.’
Ridenour, J. (2009) ‘Nurse practitioner description of roles and functions.’

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