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Review the ACA Advocacy Competencies (Toporek & Daniels, 2018) available in the

Review the ACA Advocacy Competencies (Toporek & Daniels, 2018) available in the Week 9 Readings Folder on Blackboard.
Identify one specific social barrier of your choice that a client/student might face (e.g., homelessness, violence at home, discrimination, accessibility needs, etc.).
Using the ACA Advocacy Competencies, select one Domain of Advocacy (i.e., Client/Student Empowerment, Client/Student Advocacy, Community Collaboration, Systems Advocacy, Systems Advocacy, Collective Action, or Social/Political Advocacy)
Explain at least one strategy you would engage in to advocate for client(s)/student(s) experiencing that social barrier using your chosen Domain of Advocacy. Include what training you might need to help you engage in such action. Explain any potential challenges you might face with your strategy and how you might overcome that challenge.

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