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The purpose of the Research Proposal: Final Assignment is to ensure you appreciate the challenge of setting up an effective research plan, consider the context, research questions, sources, timeline, integrated implications, analysis and writing required. Building a proposal will demand you work through all the research stages explored throughout the course including: clarifying the research question; designing the research; reviewing relevant scholary literature, data collection, preparation and examination; analyzing the data; and reporting on the research.
The Research Proposal: Topic Assignment is the first step toward completing the major BUSI600 writing assignment, the Research Proposal: Final Assignment. Your research proposal topic should be one of personal interest/value with three limitations:
It needs to be something you can find scholarly research on i.e., if you identify a topic thats too narrow or obscure you may not be able to find enough scholarly research on the topic
It cannot be a subject upon which you have done a previous assignment.
Steer clear of political topics/issues since this is not a political science courseEnsure the following requirements are met:
Identify a topic of interest (a sentence or two) and create a problem statement (<100 words) that communicates what you would like to determine with your research.Identify at least 10 scholarly (peer reviewed) journal articles and create an Annotated Bibliography that specifically explains each articles relevance to your topic (6-8 sentences per reference). Use proper grammar, current APA format and submit in MS Word format.

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