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REGION- LADAKH Your submission for this assignment should include at least seven

Your submission for this assignment should include at least seven scholarly sources, no more than twoof which should be from encyclopedic (general) sources. Your annotation should be descriptive and focus onhow the sources will enhance your understanding of the geography of your assigned region. It is assumed thatyou will only include entries that you have critically chosen for their suitability.
the key aspect in geographical research is to define the boundaries of the region that you are toinvestigate. Be aware that they might not nicely fit defined administrative or political borders. Once you candraw at least vague boundaries on a physical map, you can then draw up a list of spatial synonyms for theregion in question. For example, if you were tasked to investigate the South Saskatchewan River Basin, youwould find what portions of provinces and what cities and environments the river passes through and be able touse those terms in the search. The list of possible sources grows exponentially.
Must include photos of you will mention related to Region Ladakh.

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