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Regardless of your career field or position within an organization, at some poin

Regardless of your career field or position within an organization, at some point, you will be tasked with solving problems. Following a systematic method can help you arrive at the best solution. Think of a problem you have faced at work, or currently face, and describe the situation in your introductory paragraph. Apply the PADIL problem-solving framework to arrive at a viable solution. Organize the body of your paper based on the steps of the PADIL framework and include the details listed below. The format for presenting each step below is your decision (e.g., table, bulleted list).
Step 1: Define the Problem: Apply one of the tools for understanding problems presented in your text or one you are familiar with in your response to Step 1.
Step 2: Generate Alternative/Possible Solutions: Brainstorm ideas and include these in a bulleted list.
Step 3: Decide on a Solution: Apply one of the tools for narrowing alternative presented in your text or use one you are familiar with in your response to Step 2.
Step 4: Make the Decision: Identify the solution you would choose and support your decision.
In your conclusion, address each of the following:
Discuss the pros and cons of using the PADIL problem-solving framework and whether or not you plan to apply it in your own work setting.
Do you feel that a systematic method will consistently yield the best results every single time? Justify your response.
– A problem is clearly identified and thoroughly analyzed through the 4 steps of the PADIL framework. An insightful discussion of the pros and cons of the framework and the effectiveness of using a systematic method is included in the conclusion. The writing and integration of source materials is eloquent and skillful and follows the recommended format.
– Uses APA Style guidelines accurately and consistently to cite sources (0 errors). Sources are used and cited expertly and are peer-reviewed, relevant sources.
– The writing demonstrates a sophisticated clarity, conciseness, and correctness; includes thorough details and relevant data and information; and is extremely well-organized. Punctuation, spelling, and capitalization are all correct. There are no errors.

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