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Readings: Bailey et al.,2017 Dyer et al.,2019 Philbin et al.,2018 Reading links

Bailey et al.,2017
Dyer et al.,2019
Philbin et al.,2018
Reading links are located at the bottom of the directions. Thank you
In your ownwords, define structural racism. How does institutional racism fitwithin structural racism? If race is a social construct, then what is themeasurement of race capturing in studies of health disparities? Explain howstructural racism is exemplified in mass incarceration and anti-immigrantpolicies as described in the articles by Dyer et al. and Philbin et al.Conclude your response by stating how racism in systems not directly related tohealth (i.e. outside of the healthcare system) can have detrimental effects onthe health of minoritized populations.
Use specific examples in your response to these questions tosupport your statements as appropriate. Write clearly, concisely, andpersuasively. Be sure that your response is complete, well organized, andincludes an opening and concluding statement. Your response should be 250-300words.

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