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Reading for +1 MCH 322 course Correlation vs. Causation Read these articles: Pro

Reading for +1 MCH 322 course Correlation vs. Causation
Read these articles:
Proctor, R. N. (2012). The history of the discovery of the cigarette-lung cancer link: evidentiary traditions, corporate denial, global toll. Tobacco Control, 21(2), 87-91.
Available from the BMJ
Tong, E. K., England, L., & Glantz, S. A. (2005). Changing Conclusions on Secondhand Smoke in a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Review Funded by the Tobacco Industry. Pediatrics, 115(3), e356-366.
White, C. (1990). Research on smoking and lung cancer: a landmark in the history of chronic disease epidemiology. Yale J Biol Med, 63(1), 29-46.
Hammond, E. C., & Horn, D. (1954). The Relationship Between Human Smoking Habits and Death Rates: A Follow-up Study of 187,766 men. JAMA, 155(15), 1316-1328. SEE THE ATTACHED PDF FILE. Because of international copyright law, this article is authorized for use in THIS ASSIGNMENT ONLY. Do not download, save or share this file. (Not sure what to do about this article since I can’t share it)
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